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The worst comic in New York is dead, and Hilary wants to know who gave him the hook The Sons of the Desert are serious about comedy, fond of cocktails, and utterly devoted to the films of Laurel and Hardy. Their meetings are always merry, boozy romps, but the laughter dies whenever Wayne Poe takes the stage. Wayne has been murdering comedy for years, and now someone has decided to return the favor.

Press agent and occasional sleuth Hilary Quayle is at her first meeting of the Sons of the Desert, accompanied by her assistant, Gene, when Wayne unexpectedly takes his final bow. Lucinda's investigation leads to a strange place that resembles "a poor man's Disneyland. Still undergoing reconstructive surgeries for the shotgun blast that disfigured her beautiful face, Pierce is intelligent and a pit bull when it comes to finding the guilty. As usual, Fanning Mistaken Identity, , etc. The investigation brings her into contact with the adult children of people with dementia and leads her to a strange remote wonderland.

When the missing are found, often questions remain. Linda Stratmann. LONDON, When a body is found in the Paddington canal basin, a woman with a hearing impairment claims that the remains are those of her missing husband, who disappeared three years ago. Unable to prove her case, she appeals to Frances Doughty, the lady detective, to investigate. In this, her fifth case, Frances soon learns that the missing man has secrets of his own, and, when another body is discovered and a witness is viciously attacked, it becomes clear that she must choose her allies wisely.

The fifth book in the popular Frances Doughty Mystery series. All Things Undying. Book 9. Hannah is stunned when a stranger stops her on the street to deliver a message from her long-dead mother. Susan Parker, Hannah learns, is a popular television medium whose accurate predictions leave fans and critics alike puzzled and intrigued. In spite of her scepticism, Hannah schedules a private reading. But on the morning they are to meet, Susan is struck by a hit-and-run driver. An accident? Hannah doesn't think so - especially when she discovers that more than one person had good reason to want Susan dead.

No Mallets Intended. While Dumpe relatives and society members use the occasion to dust off old grudges, Jaymie Leighton prefers to adorn the kitchen with authentic Depression Era furnishings. A collection of vintage wooden mallets found in the house is a perfect addition to her display, but one also offers a late-night intruder the perfect weapon to knock Jaymie unconscious before escaping. Though the attack has everyone on edge, nothing is missing from the house.

Perhaps it was merely a vagrant who thought the place was still abandoned. Includes recipes!

Murder on the Half Shelf. Book 6. Especially when she discovers that Pippa had a few secrets of her own—some that may have been worth killing for. Includes recipes. Josiah Reynolds can hardly believe she hears someone call out her name as she strolls down 75th Street in New York City. With the promise of a free drink, Bunny Witt steers Josiah into nearby Bemelmans Bar where she proceeds to unfold a tale about being stalked by a mysterious stranger.

She is desperate for someone to find out who is tormenting her and why. She has decided that someone should be our Josiah! This chance encounter in the Big Apple leads Josiah into the world of haute couture, mysterious princes from India, precious gems, and murder in a town that keeps its secrets well! Residents live in fear, rumours and accusations abound, and vigilante groups patrol by night.

Murder in Morningside Heights. In the latest from the bestselling author of Murder on St. Nicholas Avenue, former police sergeant Frank Malloy and his wife adjust to life in New York high society as they investigate a death in the field of higher learning After spending his first few weeks as a private detective by investigating infidelities of the wealthy, Frank has a more serious case at hand.

She also joined the ranks of the New Women, ladies planning for a life without a husband in which they make their own decisions and make a difference in the world. Unfortunately, her murder ended all that. Yet difficulties arise as they learn that although Miss Northrup may have been an exemplary student and teacher, she lived in a world of secrets and lies….

Rona Jean Hancock—a telephone switchboard operator who earned her nickname because her shift ended at eleven, when her nightlife was just beginning—has been found strangled with her own silk stocking in a very unladylike position. Working at the camp, garden club vice president Ophelia Snow digs around to expose the truth…before a killer pulls up stakes and gets away with murder. Includes Southern-style Depression-era Recipes. Mom Meets Her Maker. Have no fear when Mom is on the case!

Death by Vanilla Latte. Too bad her father, famed mystery writer James Hancock, had to pay an unexpected visit to Death by Coffee and brew up a batch of trouble Murder Between the Covers. Elaine Viets. From Anthony and Agatha Award-winning author Elaine Viets—the thrilling mystery series about one woman trying to make a living Helen Hawthorne is still on the run because of her refusal to pay her worthless ex-husband alimony. And while the job is decent enough, the owner of the store is anything but.

So when he turns up dead, no one is too surprised. Worse still, it turns out that Peggy once had a tryst with the late Mr. Turner that ended quite badly, with a scorned Peggy promising the lothario payback—and someone is making it look like she finally collected. I loved this book. I love this new series. State of the Onion. Includes recipes for a complete presidential menu! Never let them see you sweat-that's White House Assistant Chef Olivia Paras's motto, which is pretty hard to honor in the most important kitchen in the world.

She's hell-bent on earning her dream job, Executive Chef. There's just one thing: her nemesis is vying for it, too. Well, that and the fact that an elusive assassin wants to see her fry. Treble at the Jam Fest. Leslie Budewitz. Praise for the Food Lovers' Village Mysteries: "A pleasing read with a thoughtful heroine, a plethora of red herrings, and some foodie tips. Wicked, Loving Murder.

When novelist Patience McKenna takes a job at a dubious publishing house, a corpse in her closet has her searching for the true crime culprit. Writing Enterprises makes Patience McKenna sick. A onetime romance novelist, she has recently vaulted into the arena of true crime—a happy side effect of being too close to a high-profile murder. With great hesitation, McKenna takes the job. Clearly, Writing has some skeletons in the closet.

American mystery writers

Patricia Wentworth. The Key: A German Jewish scientist working for the British war effort is murdered, and his new formula has been stolen. Now Miss Silver must find the killer or risk an explosive disaster. Only Miss Silver will be able to divine the truth. Dark Threat: Judy Elliot leaves war-torn London for a job as a maid in the peaceful countryside.

Fortunately Miss Silver is skilled at shedding light on deadly secrets. Latter End: Wealthy Mrs. Revolting Development. Lora Roberts Smith. Bridget Montrose discovers the body of a disliked developer in a dumpster. Cruising Palo Alto with little Mick in his stroller, she uncovers surprising goings-on that involve her friends and neighbors.

Marvin Kaye

Spirit Play: Mak Chik Maryam mysteries 2. Barbara Ismail. Jamillah has not been herself of late. The ceremony is a stunning success: A clearly enraptured Jamillah throws off her depression, dancing wildly.

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And the next morning she is dead. Uniformly Dead. Historical seamstress Daria Dembrowski has her work cut out for her as she searches for a killer's pattern. Daria has come up with a brilliant new plan to expand her seamstress business beyond stitching wedding gowns—historical sewing. And with Civil War re-enactors setting up camp in her hometown of Laurel Springs, Pennsylvania, she has plenty of opportunities, including one client playing a Confederate colonel who's a particular stickler for authenticity.

But soon the small-town peace starts coming apart at the seams as an antique doll is stolen from a Civil War exhibit and the cranky colonel is found impaled by his own bayonet. She needs to get this case sewn up fast, though, before the murderer re-enacts the crime and makes her history. Digging Up the Dirt. The rest of the group is all a-flutter now that dashing and still-eligible Hadley Partridge is back to restore his family mansion.

But the idle chatter soon turns deadly serious when a body turns up on the Partridge estate after a storm As the Ducotes begin uncovering secrets, they discover that more than one person in Athena would kill to be Mrs. A Finely Knit Murder. In the newest mystery from the national bestselling author of Murder in Merino, the sleuthing skills of Izzy Chambers Perry and the Seaside Knitters are tested as death mars the beginning of the school year Gabby loves the school, with its newly-adopted progressive curriculum, and she loves that the Seaside Knitters are teaching knitting as part of the enrichment program.

But not everyone is happy with the direction the school is taking.

Outspoken board member Blythe Westerland has sparked tempers with her determination to unravel the current administration. With a killer on the loose, Birdie is determined to keep Gabby safe. Only Skein Deep. As they sit around the table crafting their keepsakes, the story of Giselle Callahan is a popular topic of conversation. Giselle is the young wife of Henry Callahan, a Fort Connor banking scion, who traded in his previous wife of forty years for a newer model.

When she is found dead on the greens at the golf club, Kelly and her Lambspun crew worry that a vicious killer is in their midst. Of Murder and Men. And with the January session almost underway, that spells trouble. But best laid plans really go awry when Shauna discovers her beau missing from their bed.

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While balancing an eccentric group of aspiring writers and a suspect list for the record books, Cat soon finds herself on the heels of a killer—and authoring her most deadly conclusion yet. Person or Persons Unknown. Rona Parish's last assignment, a series of articles on the town of Buckford, is almost complete, when a young woman approaches her with a request to help her trace her natural parents.

Rona's curiosity is aroused - not least because she discovers that the woman's birth mother had been murdered in her bath twenty-five years earlier. Silence of the Lamb's Wool. Participants will learn about sheepshearing, fixing up the fleece, and spinning, and will eventually knit a lovely shawl. Nicole Welton has been hired to teach the fleece-to-fiber portion of the retreat. Now Casey has to knit together clues faster than she can count stitches before someone else at the retreat gets dropped. Includes a knitting pattern and a recipe! A Hive of Homicides. When Abigail Mackenzie left the police force to become a farmer and beekeeper in beautiful Las Flores, California, she imagined a life too sweet for murder.

Abby is delighted to provide her trademark lavender honey for her friend Paola, a truffle maker, who is renewing her vows with her husband Jake, owner of the Country Schoolhouse Winery. But things go sour after the ceremony when Abby discovers Jake shot dead in his car and Paola injured beside him.

If Paola was meant to be the victim, Abby needs to protect her as she searches for the shooter. When a second murder occurs, it's up to Abby to crush the clues—before the killer gets her over a barrel. Includes farming tips and delicious recipes! A treat!

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Pargeter's Plot. Book 5. Mrs P is not about to let prison come between her and her dream home.

Someone has set him up — but who? Mrs Pargeter determines to find out. Longmont Public Library. Average Rating. Tanabe, Karin,. Choose a Format. On Shelf. Boulder Main Adult Fiction. Quick Copy View. See Full Copy Details.

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Place Hold. Date Edition Publisher Phys Desc. Language Availability First Washington Square Press trade paperback edition. Washington Square Press, pages ; 21 cm. English On Shelf. More Info Place Hold. Add a Review. Add To List. An elegant and extremely gratifying imagining of one remarkable woman's life. The catch? No one knew she was African-American Think: "Gatsby" meets college meets an impressive beach read. Since childhood, Anita Hemmings has longed to attend the country's most exclusive school for women, Vassar College.

Now, a bright, beautiful senior in the class of , she is hiding a secret that would have banned her from admission: Anita is the only African-American student ever to attend Vassar. With her olive complexion and dark hair, this daughter of a janitor and descendant of slaves has successfully passed as white, but now finds herself rooming with Louise "Lottie" Taylor, the scion of one of New York's most prominent families.

Though Anita has kept herself at a distance from her classmates, Lottie's sphere of influence is inescapable, her energy irresistible, and the two become fast friends. Pulled into her elite world, Anita learns what it's like to be treated as a wealthy, educated white woman--the person everyone believes her to be--and even finds herself in a heady romance with a moneyed Harvard student.

It's only when Lottie becomes infatuated with Anita's brother, Frederick, whose skin is almost as light as his sister's, that the situation becomes particularly perilous. And as Anita's college graduation looms, those closest to her will be the ones to dangerously threaten her secret. Set against the vibrant backdrop of the Gilded Age, an era when old money traditions collided with modern ideas, Tanabe has written an unputdownable and emotionally compelling story of hope, sacrifice, and betrayal--and a gripping account of how one woman dared to risk everything for the chance at a better life.

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