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Research family history relating to the Holocaust and explore the Museum's collections about individual survivors and victims of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution. This reference provides text, photographs, charts, maps, and extensive indexes. Back to Results New Search. Variant Title Encyclopedia Judaica. Format Book. House, c Includes bibliographical references and index.

Language English. External Link ebook, subscription access only. Edition 2nd ed. Expand all About This Publication. Physical Description 22 v. Contents v. Aa-Alp v. Alr-Az v. Yidish un yidishkayt. Sachar ; biographical introd.

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Ravid ; edited by Nahum N. Souvenirs a batons rompus : suivis de le rabbin et la sirene, conte, et de quelques essais, portraits, causeries d'un militant juif.

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Encyclopaedia Judaica decennial book, : events of Encyclopaedia Judaica. Year book. Director: Eduardo Weinfeld, gerente: Isaac Babani. The Encyclopedia of Jewish knowledge. Edited by Jacob de Hass, in collaboration with more than one hundred and fifty scholars and specialists.

Evreiskaia entsiklopediia. Cyrus Adler Nazzal and Laila A. Otsar yisrael. Schiff, Leon Klenicki, consulting editor[s]. Schiff, Leon Klenicki, consulting editors. Other Authors: Skolnik, Fred.

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Berenbaum, Michael, Aa-Alp v. Dedi-catingthemselves to the Yiddish language and poetry, theypublished some of the most important poets and prose writ-ersof the 20th century. The illumination shows Ruthand Boaz above the letter and Naomiseated in the middle of it. Paris, Bib-liothqueNationale, Ms. InzIzBibliography: B.

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Minkoff, Literarishe Vegn ; A. Glanz-Leyeles, Velt un Vort ; N.

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Minkof-Bukh ; C. Madi-son,Yiddish Literature , ; S. Liptzin, Maturing of YiddishLiterature , Bibliography: B. Harshav, Ameri-can-Yiddish Poetry According to an old tradition, there was aJewish community in Ioannina as early as the ninth century;the archaic Greek spoken by the Jewish inhabitants suggeststhat this may be true. Jewish serfs are men-tionedin two bulls, dated and respectively, issuedby Emperor Andronicus II Palaeologus Duringhis reign the emperor placed the Jews under his direct pro-tection.

When Jewish refugees from Spainsettled there, they assimilated into the local Romaniot popu-lationand adopted their Greek dialect. There were two syna-gogues,one known as the old community, the other as thenew. Apulian and Sicilian Jews also settled in Ioannina andretained special circumcision and Purim customs.

In the Jews were falsely accused of having handed Bishop Di-onysios,the leader of a revolt, over to the Turkish authori-ties,who executed him.

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Ali Pasha, who was governor of thearea from to , imposed a heavy tax burden on thewealthy Jews. In when the Greek rebellion broke out,some Jews found refuge in Ioannina. In , the commu-nitysuffered a major blood libel. The fire ruined half theJewish shops in the market. In there were anti-Jewish ri-otsin the town. The local wealthy banker Effendi DavitchonLevy was one of four Jews in the Ottoman Empire electedto the first national assembly in The Hebron emissaryRabbi Hayyim Shemuel Halevy Ha-Hasmal remained inIoannina for more than three decades and proph-esiedthat the redemption of Israel would take place in theyear Ioannina Jews maintained trade relationswith Europe and the East, and also engaged in silk weav-ingand the manufacture of scarves, veils, and silver belts forsale to the Albanians; there were also goldsmiths, dyers, gla-ziers,tinsmiths, fishermen, and coachmen among them.

Jewish Life & Knowledge: Reflections on the New Edition of Encyclopaedia Judaica (pt. 2)

Thewealthy merchant Meir Gani moved to Jerusalem in andinitiated Jewish settlement in the Christian Quarter of theOld City of Jerusalem owing to his close connections to theGreek Orthodox Church, and he also purchased much landfrom the latter for the Jewish National Fund in Jerusalem inthe Rehavia neighborhood as well the site of the present-dayIsrael Museum and land in the Dead Sea region where Kib-butzBet ha-Aravah was located.

At the beginning of the20th century, there were 7, Jews in Ioannina, but due tofear of political instability, compulsory military service, andeconomic decline, several thousand Jews began emigrating,heading to New York City. In the Jewish population was3, and on the eve of the Holocaust it was 1, In the De-pressionof the early s, many Ioanniote Jews migrated toAthens for economic betterment. On March 24, , 1, Jews were seized by the Nazisand deported to Auschwitz.

In there were Jews liv-ingin the town, and by their number had dwindled to

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