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If you activate it without knowing—you'd have to hit "yes" in a dialog box without thinking, but it happens—it can be seriously annoying. Prevent it from ever happening by hitting the Shift five times rapidly to bring up that very dialog box. Ever since Windows Vista, User Account Control UAC has been there to protect users so they can quickly grant administrative rights to software programs that need it—specifically when installing or uninstalling software.

In the old days, when you went to do an install, the screen would suddenly dim and everything seemed to come to a halt, causing several anecdotal, probably fictional heart attacks amid the populace. UAC is still there in Windows and will still dim the desktop, but you have the option to turn it off, or at least prevent the screen dimming. The screen presents a slider with four levels of security, from never notify bad to always notify annoying—it'll warn you when you make your own changes.

Pick one of the middle options; the second from the bottom notifies you without the dimming scare tactic.

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Did you know you have a program in Windows 10 called Groove Music? Probably not, because the world uses other services. Thankfully, a few pre-installed Windows apps can finally be deleted. If your uninstall option is grayed out, you could go the DOS route, but it gets a little complicated and you should be percent sure of what you're doing. Microsoft really wants you to sign in to Windows 10 with your Microsoft account—the one attached to all things Microsoft, be it your Xbox, Office , or OneDrive account, buying apps or music or video in the Windows Store, even talking on Skype , to name just a few.

When you set up Windows, Microsoft specifically asks you to sign in using that account. But you don't have to. During setup, just click Skip this step. Click Sign in with a local account instead. Enter a local account name and new password with a hint for when you forget it. The downside is that when you end up on a service or site that requires Microsoft credentials, you'll have to enter your Microsoft login each time; it won't automatically sign you in as it does if you log into Windows with a Microsoft account.

If you're okay using the Microsoft account, but hate how long it takes to type in your super secure password, reset it to a short personal identification number PIN used only on the PC. The PIN, which is only numerals—no mixed case letters or special characters—might not sound very secure. Because it's PC-only, hopefully you're the only user, and it doesn't compromise the security of your Microsoft account anywhere else.

Plus, the PIN can be as many digits as you desire. Enter the PIN you want and restart to try it. Are you the only person who ever—and I mean ever—uses your PC?

1. Dubious Privacy Policies

Then you can probably skip the password login screen that appears after every reboot or sometimes even when you come back from the screensaver. Go to the User Accounts control panel by typing "netplwiz" in the search bar. Select the account, uncheck the box next to "Users must enter a username and password to use this computer. Click okay. Reboot the PC and it should roll smoothly into the desktop without requesting a password.

Don't do this if it's shared PC. Remember, you'll still need to know the password if you're logging into the PC remotely. Or, you could use TeamViewer.

Windows 10 has a fantastic feature that lets you essentially reinstall Windows 10 on your computer from the ground up, like new—with the option to not delete any of your data though you will have to reinstall software and drivers. You don't need any separate media, like a copy of Windows 10 on a disc or USB flash drive. However, that can be overkill. Sometimes, Windows just needs a reset that does not eradicate your software and drivers. This is also easy to do, but it does require a copy of Windows 10 on separate media. Don't have the media?

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The meme eventually faded, but linguists believe that at least one of those misspellings survived into the modern era : "All correct" was frequently changed into "oll korrect" and further abbreviated to "OK. Via Staff. It's hard to imagine something like ComicCon or costumed fans lining up for a midnight release happening prior to the Internet age. After all, it was the Web that allowed obsessive fanboys to gather and reaffirm each other's zealotry, from Tumblr accounts filled with video game cosplay to lengthy articles devoted to analyzing the minutiae of cartoons originally written for children which we at Cracked know nothing about.

It's the kind of fandom that surely is only possible thanks to millions of people living trivial lives with too much spare time. It's hard to imagine readers in the 19th century caring enough about fictional characters to get all worked up, considering that they were probably spending 16 hours a day in the coal mines. But you'd be wrong. For example, when Sherlock Holmes was "killed off" by his creator Arthur Conan Doyle in , the fanboy rage was comparable to when the show Firefly was canceled in , only instead of spamming message boards, they spammed the real world. In London, grieving "Sherlockians" took to the streets wearing black armbands and flooded the offices of Conan Doyle's publisher with hate mail.

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It was an Internet shitstorm before there was an Internet. In America, "Let's Keep Holmes Alive" clubs started appearing in several cities , which were apparently the version of all those online petitions to bring back Arrested Development. More than 20, people boycotted the magazine Doyle wrote for by instantly canceling their subscriptions. Other fans decided to do something a little more productive: They started writing their own Holmes stories , "fixing" the ending so that the character didn't die. I just wrote the fucking thing. This tendency persisted even after Holmes was brought back the following decade: Obsessive fans began writing long essays dissecting Sherlock Holmes' continuity, pointing out inconsistencies and debating possible solutions, like Trekkies but without the Spock ears.

Conan Doyle said of one of those essays, written in :.

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Certainly you know a great deal more about it than I do, for the stories have been written in a disconnected and careless way without referring back to what had gone before. If anything, giving in to the angry readers and bringing back their idol only seemed to encourage their insanity.

When the first new Holmes story came out in it was a prequel; Holmes wouldn't be resurrected until a few years later , a long line of fans set up camp for blocks around the printer's building to get their copy early. Not the bookstore, but the actual place where the magazines were printed.

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Not even Harry Potter fans are that dedicated. Those scam messages from "Nigerian royalty" promising vast unclaimed riches in exchange for a relatively small "bank fee" have been around for over a decade and will probably never go away. It only takes one sucker in thousands to make it all worth it for the scammer, since a single victim can be stringed along for months or even years. All I have left to give is this laptop, hat and mustache. But the "Nigerian prince" scam is actually just a repurposed version of a centuries-old con.

As far back as the 16th century , gullible people have been falling for a scam known as the "Spanish Prisoner Letter" or " Spanish Swindle ," so named because it originated primarily from Spain instead of Nigeria. Other than that, it worked exactly the same way. The victims received letters claiming to be written by a previously unknown relative trapped in a Spanish prison who just so happens to be immensely rich. In the letter, the prisoner would promise to share his massive fortune with the victim if they could just come up with the money for his bail. So the promise was the same: Give us a little cash and you'll get a lot of it in return.

That's so specific, it must be legit. Anyone foolish enough to send the bail money would be strung along with further implausible scenarios that required more and more cash like money for bribes or to save the prisoner's daughter from a tyrant until they either wised up or went broke.

The scam was so common that the U. Postal Service even began printing information to help postal inspectors recognize it. And years from now, the mail that's delivered directly to our brains over Wi-Fi will be full of requests from wealthy space royalty suffering in the prisons of Phobos, only needing a few thousand Federation credits to secure their release. Maxwell Yezpitelok lives in Chile, and occasionally writes back to scammers. As the internet has continued to grow and change, several frustrating annoyances have cropped up that interrupt your web browsing.

The good news is you can do something about them. Ads can be the single most frustrating aspect of browsing the web.

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  8. They seem to be just a part of life now, but they can be eliminated. You know which videos we are talking about. These are the videos that play automatically on a web page you are trying to browse.