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One argument in favor of insider trading is that it allows for all information to be reflected in a security's price and not just public information. This makes the markets more efficient. As insiders and others with non-public information buy or sell the shares of a company, for example, the direction in price conveys information to other investors. Current investors can buy or sell on the price movements and prospective investors can do the same. Prospective investors could buy at better prices and current ones could sell at better prices.

Another argument in favor of insider trading is that barring the practice only delays what will eventually happen: A security's price will rise or fall based on material information. If an insider has good news about a company but is barred from buying its stock, for example, then those who sell in the time between when the insider knows the information and when it becomes public are prevented from seeing a price increase. Barring investors from readily receiving information or getting that information indirectly through price movements can condemn them to buy or sell a stock that they otherwise would not have traded if the information had been available earlier.

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Yet another argument for insider trading is that its costs do not outweigh its benefits. Enforcing laws related to insider trading and prosecuting insider-trading cases cost the government resources, time, and people that could otherwise be used to pursue crimes considered more serious, such as organized crime and murder.

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Poop Poop is a slang term used to describe inside information or people with insider, nonpublic information that can be used to their financial advantage. Thanks for sharing. Quick and fun read, and the first book that really drove home the math of trading for me. Thanks for this great list of trading books Rayner! There are definitely some great ones on that list. Anything by Larry Williams is worth reading. Great list of books that you have. I own some of the books listed and have to agree with the reviews.

Great reviews, and thank you for the other recommendations. Bukowskis pretty expensive book is in basic free on his website, where he has free access of all candlestick analysis. I see some people also recommend Elders Trading for a living which imo is good So even if this is a old post I will recommend Elders Sell and sell short. Some overlao to trading for a living ofcourse you need to buy something before selling it!

Besides reading all these books, where is the best starting point for a novice trader.

The book that had the most impact on my trader profile and the definition of my trading strategy was this: Trading in the Zone. Thanks for sharing your lists and most especially the reviews. Definitely some new ones to add to my list. Need to ask one thing while reading book should we take notes from the books recommended above or just pure reading will be ok?

Thanks Rayner fot the recommended books. When it comes to the techniques. I am a complete novice and want to start learning about trading and investing, which category should i start first and how to proceed, please help Rayner.

Even though authors are not as famous as other market wizards their approach is pretty interesting and deserves the reading. Hello Rayner. Thank you for your hard work in compiling this list. Very informative! These are among my all time favorites, as i follow their strategies. I recently started trading Forex, just on a demo account, until i get used to trading those instruments. This book explains what is going on when the price changes and how to predicts it. Hello Rayner! I started trend following of Michael Covel.

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Not a lot of data and this book is empty. The men talk about baseball???? Thanks Rayner, a good list indeed! It is a very good guide to trading system development and trade management that can be applied to any market. Cheers, Ola. Thank you in advance. Hey, great post. I have no clue where to start. I see a few books that would be great but where should I start? Meaning someone with no idea about any of this. I like the idea of Trend Following and would like something like that.

If you could recommend three books to get started I would appreciate it! Everybody should start from the basics. Eventually, many will stay or return to them and find that they were all they needed. It happens with many things in life, btw.

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After then it was revisited and edited with huge manipulation to make it more modern and appealing and it loose all of its focus and straightness. His review of where to look for market information might be the most informative out there. Thank you Rayner for the list.

I will look for this books. Would also recommend the book by T. Great book to develop money management and inner self. Excellent reading list Thanks for sharing the list Look forward to see the new addition. Many good books on this list.

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But, I like your own reports better because they are simple and straightforward and easy to read or watch, and they offer good practical advice for the smaller retail trader. My fav trading psychology book is Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas. I read it before I knew much about techniques and thought it was a good start to focus on mindset first.

I did see improvement when I applied his techniques. I liked how he asked questions on candlesticks, lets you answer it, and then provides you with answers. Wow, so many good tradig books to be read. How about coming up with summary of these great books and share with us?

Is it useful for those who are interested in trading stocks?

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Lots of wisdom. Disciplined Trader brought a lot of sanity to my haphazard start. Thanks for a great list, Rayner. You are awesome! Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Trading in the Zone is a favorite of mine. Does the Complete Turtle Trader offer and trend following systems? Great list, will have to check them out, thank you so much!!! U have to read his book!

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Hey Issac, Thanks for sharing. Congratulations Rayner for your work and thanks for sharing with us very useful stuff! Hi Giorgio, Thanks for sharing. Thanks again! Again thanks. Hey Rickshan Thank you for sharing, I appreciate it! Hello, Besides reading all these books, where is the best starting point for a novice trader. Hi Rayner, Need to ask one thing while reading book should we take notes from the books recommended above or just pure reading will be ok?

All the best to you!