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After he became an emeritus professor at Alberta. Klamkin died August 6, Klamkin was known worldwide as a prolific proposer and editor of professionally challenging mathematical problems. In the Mathematical Association of America gave him its Award for Distinguished Service to Mathematics, its highest service award.

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Klosinski, and L. All Putnam problems for the period , with rather brief solutions which were originally published in the American Mathematical Monthly.

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Barbeau, E. Klamkin, and W. Five Hundred Mathematical Challenges. Mathematics is at the high school level, but many problems will still be challenging to undergraduates.

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Gilbert, G. Krusemeyer, and L. The Wohascum County Problem Book. Gleason, A.

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Greenwood, and L. Consists of solutions to all Putnam problems during the period Very good exposition with lots of motivation, connections with more general areas, etc.

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Greitzer, S. International Mathematical Olympiads, Halmos, P. Problems for Mathematicians, Young and Old.

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I haven't seen this, but it should be quite entertaining. Honsberger, R.

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Mathematical Morsels. Contains 91 problems with solutions obtained from various mathematics journals and requiring nothing beyond freshman mathematics to solve. More Mathematical Morsels.